Aharon Schwartz52, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Aharon Schwartz Graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1991), specializing in Oriental Studies. Honors graduate in Law and Business Management at the Center of Law and Business Management, Ramat-Gan.

Attorney Schwartz specializes in Business Management and Negotiations and the Management of Financial and Trust Funds.

Commencing in 1987 Attorney Schwartz has been active in the international business world in a multitude of categories among which are investments in Consumer Goods, Textiles, Raw Materials, Real Estate, Property, Tourism and Financing.

Attorney Schwartz is experienced in areas throughout the world in, among others, the Far East, Europe, Ukraine, the United States and the Middle East (Jordan, Egypt ,the Persian Gulf States).

Aharon Schwartz accompanies the client(s) from the moment of initial communication with the third party, throughout the management of the negotiating process, examination of suitability and viability, consolidation and signing of binding contracts with the entrepreneur, accompaniment in the creation of the partnership framework and/or the new company, including the inclusion of partners, investments, trust funds, mergers and property.

Attorney Schwartz has as his target a combination of his experience as legal advisor together with many years' business experience that finds expression in seeking creative legal solutions for the international commercial and business environment.

Attorney Aharon Schwartz serves as the Vice-Chairman in the Law Office of the International Organization Committee of the Israeli Bar.